Small Business Planning

We are incredibly proud to have so many of Lake Norman’s thriving businesses as our clients. Being a business owner requires many skills and a small business owner must wear many hats, but being your own lawyer shouldn’t be one of them. It can be dangerous to take on legal issues without the assistance of a professional. Our experienced business attorneys will guide you through the important and precarious legal matters that you face as a small business owner so you do not put your business at risk.

Cornelius, NC Business Attorneys Serving the Lake Norman Area

Whether you need guidance and assistance starting your business, buying an existing business or selling the company you have built, we can help protect you and your loved ones by making sure all the legalities are properly handled. We can also advise you with ongoing business matters like preparing contracts such as governing documents, leases, employment agreements, independent contractor agreements, nondisclosure and noncompete agreements.

Robbins Law Firm is centrally located in Cornelius, North Carolina. Contact us to discuss your needs and how we can help.

Special Note for Online Business Owners

If you have a website or other online presence, there are a number of state and federal legal laws that apply to you. We can help you with website legal terms, privacy policies and required disclosures, as well as make sure your online marketing and e-mail campaigns comply with North Carolina and federal law.

Contact Us for a Review of Your Business

When we meet with you we will offer a complete review of your business to make sure it is properly set up, with the right legal documents in place.

We offer our services on both flat fee and hourly billing basis depending on the scope of the services needed. So many of our clients have come to us to help set up their business and continue to bring us their legal work year after year. If you would like to set up an appointment with an attorney regarding your business, contact Robbins Law Firm.